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Structural Engineering Childrens’ Book

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No, this isn’t one of my strange ideas, it actually exists. R. Buckminster Fuller and a photographer collaborated on a book that, to my knowledge, is the only extant children’s book (amazon) written from a structural engineer’s point of view.

It is an interesting book, if not short and unfocused in its selection of quotes. I selected my favorite for the scan above “If you want to do something good for a child… give him an environment where he can touch things as much as he wants.” I am not quite sure if this is something I will actually read to children or if it is something I read to remind myself that I was once a child.

R. Buckminster Fuller left a deep legacy, and definitely opened options for architects and structural engineers. The USPS issued a stamp for him in 2004 commemorating his contributions to society.

RCA Dome Implosion

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The RCA dome (or Hoosier Dome) was imploded Saturday, December 20 at around 9:30 in the morning. I was lucky enough to be slightly involved with the project, making observations on the buildings that were supposed to remain standing. So I got up Saturday morning like a kid ready for Christmas. I always like the RCA dome, it was a pretty brilliant structure. But you can’t stand in the way of progress, and the Lucas Oil Stadium is certainly as good if not better.

Anyways, one of the guys I work with got VIP tix for working with the demo contractor. Score! You see the price on that ticket? That’s probably my favorite part.

These guys tear things down for a living and they have a sense of humor about it. The day before the implosion I got to explore the sight making sure everything was cool, there was only one instruction “don’t step on the yellow wires.” I was kind enough to oblige them. The stadium was oddly quiet and strange, almost post-apocalyptic.

We arrived early on Saturday morning for the implosion, we had a good view of the implosion next to the new Lucas Oil Stadium. I thought it was a fitting location to watch the show. Ring in the new by tearing down the old. A good topic for a New Year’s Eve posting.

And finally, a video of the implosion as it happened. I recommend turning up the volume (and especially the bass) to get the full feeling. Goodbye Hoosier Dome.

Note: it’s a large AVI file (300+MB) but high quality and complete from beginning of charges to after the dust clears, will take a long time to download