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Updates from Irvington: round-up

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Just wanted to formally announce a few items of note. First off, the Pennsy Trail has been paved and is now only awaiting a trailhead (I think) before it would be ready for opening. When I stopped by to take some photos there were already a few travelers using it, so the populace is ready for sure.

Next up, the Audubon Court renovations are complete and the majority of units have already been rented. The finished results are excellent based on what I’ve seen so far. IDO has written up an article on the renovation.

A new transit option is available for the Eastside. The Near Eastside Orbiter (NEO) travels an hourly route between the 10th street corridor, downtown, E.Washington Street, and Irvington. I hope it works out, but I honestly have no idea how it will be received. At the very least it is a good experiment. From the website link:

The Near Eastside Orbiter (NEO) is a circular shuttle which provides transportation for residents of the near eastside community. The shuttle fills the gaps of current Indygo service as a way for individuals to have access to not only the downtown loop, but to also connect them to jobs, shopping and recreational in the neighborhood.

Update from Irvington: Pennsy Trail


Construction progress is moving along well. We’ve had a bit of rain recently, but I think they are making good time so far. Also, here is my most recent post concerning the trail.

Also, there were a few happy news items relating to other portions of the trail. Stimulus and other funds have been allocated to fix up different portions of the trail, further extending its reach and usefulness. Here’s the latest press release:

April 2009
Cumberland Receives $2.6 Million for Pennsy Trail: Mark Reynold, Cumberland Town Council President, announced that on April 9 the Town of Cumberland was awarded $2.6 million to complete construction of the town’s 3-mile Pennsy Trail. This grant came through the Indianapolis MPO, the 9-county metro area board, with a vote on distribution of federal economic stimulus funds to projects that are “shovel ready”, meaning all environmental work done and right-of-way acquired. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held within a few months.

A larger write-up is available in this article from Indy Star about all the associated projects that received stimulus funds in Indiana.

Finally, here is the current status of the trail from the Indiana Trails website.

Updates from Irvington – Pennsy Trail

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There has been a lot of work going in Irvington in the past year or so. I’ve managed to photograph some of it, figured I would post here to show people that things are progressing along just fine. First on the list is the Pennsy trail.

The Pennsy trail (see original post here) is under construction, I took some construction photos during the nice weather this past week. This phase of construction will link Arlington to Shortridge along the old Pennsylvania railroad line.

Looks like they are stripping the original tracks down a significant amount and re-building the roadway. Should be very good quality and long lasting pathway. Judging from how deep my footprints went, they need to add and compact a bit more soil before they are done.

I was very happy to be able to get to the old rail bridge across Shadeland. This bridge is essential to the success of the trail, because there would be no way to get across a limited access freeway like Shadeland otherwise. A big benefit of this project is that the no-man’s-land in between Shadeland and I-465 is now accessible by pedestrians. Thus, I can now ride my bike to Applebee’s or K-Mart without risking a busy street crossing.

Soon, the trail will be extended to Ritter on the West and underneath the I-465 highway on the East. With a bit of luck, the state will continue its plans to extend to trail to Cumberland, Greenfield, and eventually all the way to Ohio. But the longest journeys start with a single step.