Friday, April 3, 2009

Update from Irvington - Unsung Indy

Unsung Indy has released a few pieces of marketing in the neighborhood, I captured a few.

Here's a sidewalk poster type thing next to library

Full banner on side of Irvington Lodge

The big banner is pretty awesome looking, don't you think? It would be nice if we had something similar from the other direction too, but nothing really stood out like this building elevation. I haven't seen anything on the sides of buses yet, but that should also happen sometime. Keep your eyes open.

Update: 2009-04-08
I have a few updates for the Unsung Indy category. I received an "IRV" sticker earlier this week, put it on my car. My wife got one too. They should be available for free at some Irvington businesses. If you are in a different neighborhood being served by the Unsung Indy campaign you should try to find one in your local shops, too.

Also, the Irvington Development Organization (IDO) put a mention of the event in their monthly newsletter. Read it for additional background info, or to investigate doing something similar for your own group.



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